Scrap bags – You can never have enough Bags.

I have an urge to do more recycling. I have a fabric wasteland. Read: my fabric stash, and I do not even claim to be a sewer (as in sew-er person, not the drain!), of any repute, yet I seem to have amassed a lot of fabric. So time to put it to functional use. Shopping and tote bags… here they come:-


This is the first truly recycled bag that I made. The front and back and handle are from Recycled girls pyjamas, the border around the top is from a child’s dress, the applique is from an old teatowel, and the lining, well from my pile of unwanted stash fabrics, so the lining was really the only new-ish part. I kind of like the way this turned out. Even reused some lining that was in my cupboard.

These two bags are from scraps of curtain fabric, (obtained from Ikea) Pattern: courtesy of tinyhappy bags.

I incorporated a loop for attaching keys and the like and somewhere to stash your mobile phone or other important things.

Then the piece d’ resistance, is the large tote bag and the handy bag. This is designed on a plastic shopping bag: yes they have to be good for something!

Then it folds up into a tidy little pouch that sits in the bottom of one’s larger handbag and weighs next to nothing.
Then it open up like this:

Then there was the T- shirt bags… my daughter liked this one as it was all kind of stretchy, and you could stuff a big jumper into it, or just a few odd shaped things.

The Christmas version

Finally, you can decorate one of the indestructible synthetic bags with some art, draw or paint on a design of your choice.

Now that will give you something to ponder about…..


26 thoughts on “Scrap bags – You can never have enough Bags.”

  1. Wow Amanda, 9 years ago, but idea is still very much in touch with the times. Especially now that we are trying to be a plastic free society. I like the design of the first bag.

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    1. I haven’t made any bags for about a year, but now that I have space for a sewing machine, I am planning on getting into making more. I will make one for you, if you like, Snow? πŸ˜‰

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  2. What lovely bags….I LOVE the first one, especially. Do you still do these? I sometimes try my hand at recycling this way…I succeed sometimes while others are complete disasters, that get a good laugh out of me! It was so good to read this post from such a long time ago…I was a grad student at that time, in a different city and had a very different life. How time flies:)

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    1. It is hard to believe that I have been doing this for ten years, although the first 3-5 was really just a journal for myself. It has grown into something more of a community now. When I organize all my crafting supplies, I will get back into bag making. It is just so very hot atm to get motivated to start that job. It was 41 degrees yesterday in the city – and I was visiting the city for an appointment. Ah! It broke a temperature record. The earth is getting hotter.

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    1. I think a whole lot of Grandmas did this. People had those kind of skills as they could not afford to buy clothes and there were much less off the rack clothes available. Thanks for popping in. Merry Christmas #secretsanta


    1. Thank you! I think re- publishing this post makes me want to make some more. 9 years have flown but I have only been serious into it for about blogging for about 5!
      How long have you been writing?

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      1. Yes, go for it!! The time does fly quickly doesn’t it, I’ve been blogging for about two and a half years now…can’t believe it’s been that long! Still feel like I’m learning and finding my feet πŸ™‚

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