Day 2 New Zealand

The view from Cousin Sandra’s house was breathtaking. I could sit there day and night taking it all in.

Normandale and Lower Hutt is quite a pretty part of Wellington. They obviously cater for the young too…. as there was a skatebowl with a fantastic view…

Whilst Sandra had a “nanna nap” and Heidi was exploring Sandra’s secret garden, I explored the local vicinity.

A little walkway revealed some hidden native gems.

Although a little muddy, the pass was pleasant in the light misty rain and the size of the tree ferns unbelievable. They just don’t grow this big in my part of the world. Too hot, I guess.

The gorse plant was introduced but did provide a lovely splash of colour amongst the many shades of green in the wintery landscape of Lower Hutt, Wellington.

We also had the privilege of seeing into some of the homes of the Wellington residents, as we visited the garage sales with Cousin Sandra. It is surprising what some people want to sell, and try to sell. Many were lined up outside waiting to go in early in the morning.

Of course we had Fush and chups for dinner, bro!!!

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