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Traditional Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

I have added this posting here so I can refer to it next Christmas. Great research on the recipe.


Mulled Wine Recipe

Visit Germany at this time of year, particularly the Rheinland, and you’re likely to run into one of the world famous German markets. Of course, they do visit Britain and other places, but the experience isn’t quite the same! At said market, you’ll encounter all manner of German sausage, bratwurst, and sweet breads such as Stollen. However, there is one other commodity that no German market would be complete without; glühwein, or mulled wine. Indeed, one of the most satisfying characteristics of the German markets is witnessing hoards of people shuffling about in their winter attire, sipping at the rim of a piping hot cup of glühwein (mulled wine). If it’s that feeling you’re after then you need look no further, for you have found just the recipe!

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2 thoughts on “Traditional Glühwein (Mulled Wine)”

  1. I tried Gluhwein this year, although with a slight variance (I think I didn’t put cardamom in), and it was a great hit with our New Year’s Eve guests. In fact, we couldn’t drink the whole amount 🙂
    You have quite nice recipes here, Adult of the Sunshine Elves.
    Greetings from the Yellow Ninja Adult, Mariya and her daughter who would love to taste something of the recipes, Silviya


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