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Cyclone Oswald batters Queensland coast – Extreme weather

photo0502photo0503The last 24 hours Queensland has been battered by terrential wind and rain from ex-tropical cyclone Oswald but have all emerged fairly unscathed, however not everyone has been so lucky.

First, we had a severe summer drought, and of course, 2 weeks ago, bush fires, ( kind of goes hand in hand), then rain, and flooding, and now tornadoes on the edge of the cyclone which passed over last night. Now we know where all the rain has been hiding.  Seriously Hughie, we have had enough now, I thought – you have well and truly made your point!!! But the wind continued to howl and blow for another 24 hours. How slow moving was this cyclone?

Some homes have had no power for the last 24 hours, and so this morning we dropped off some ice, we had in the freezer, to some friends who did not have a car. Downed power lines, trees as well as minor – major flooding everywhere.

I have lived here for 42 years, never has a cyclone come down this far…. and tornadoes – WE Never have them. Can anyone really dispute the extreme weather predicted to accompany climate change?

When I saw the attached video, I thought how lucky it was that we had just returned home recently after a few days at the beach.

The below youtube video is exactly where we were staying…the sea is like  a giant washing machine and the foam and low waves cover the main road – and this was four hours prior to high tide, so we would defintely have been marooned there. No swimming and maybe no lifts! and probably no power???

A lucky escape. I hope all near and dear are ok. I will ponder so much about today. Everyone take care, there are fallen power lines everywhere!


6 thoughts on “Cyclone Oswald batters Queensland coast – Extreme weather”

  1. This is very bad, all the weather changes in about 2 weeks time. Every time they have something on the news here I pray that you all would survive. I am thinking of you all


  2. Thank you Scrapydo. So nice of you to think of us all here. Hopefully things will start to settle down now. Still lots without power and worsening floods over the next two days, but people are preparing with sandbags, after experiencing this 2 years ago.


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