The view over the Vierwaldstaerttersee ( Lake Lucerne)


The top of the World… From Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland. From there, one can see the Bernese Oberland, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland…fabulous. And this is was our destination this morning, by Cable car and Gondola.  Once upon a time, citizens thought it would bring bad luck to climb Mt Pilatus, but now, millions of tourists visit every year, without any kind of disastrous consequences. In winter, one might see snow at this altitude, but not this year…. no snow to be seen in early December, at least. Nevertheless, the views are still spectacular in weather such as this: it was sunny, mild but not cold!! Ordinarily, the mountain is covered with fog in the morning, but not so today! The vistas were ours, to be seen.

The entrance to the Mt Pilatus Gondola attraction…


Our gondola’s wheels whirled and bumped along the track taking us higher and higher. Below, we could see quaint Swiss style houses with ever so neatly packed timber piles, and a summer toboggan run.

Several fellow passengers started to get a bit nervous with the ever-increasing height…. but this was not a time to opt out, so up we went,  higher and higher. “Just look out, not down, or up”, I reassured them.

Up ,UP, UP, the Gondola went…until….DSC00895 DSC00893 DSC00891

….we came to the end of the Gondola cable. Then it was time to get out, of the Gondola, but the ride was not completely over, as we weren’t yet at the summit of Mt. Pilatus. Now we were to squish 40+ people into another cable car, that had the maximum capacity of only 40. Slightly disconcerting to say the least, as it swung back and forth, like the pendulum on  a clock, in mid air. It reminded me of thescene in one one of those James Bond movie scenes…. when was Roger Moore going to pop his head through the roof to rescue us?

And then, the thought struck me, we have to go down in this thing, again…..with 40 + people….


The Cable car entrance

Don’t you just love the shadow Mt Pilatus throws in the next photograph? It looks like some ancient mythological giant..



the incline suddenly became EXTREME…. but it was only moments later that we arrived at the summit…


Made it….


The American doing his version of Planking: T- balling… at 7000 feet.


You can see the cable and severe slope it climbs in the foreground.

The summit views were mind blowing! And we still weren’t at the very,very top.  That required a short walk,  about 50 steps, (Seniors are warned!) that took us to the very highest point possible, where a small hut, possibly containing metereological instruments, is located. This is where the incredible photo opportunities abound.


stairs visible in foreground…

DSC00888 DSC00883

A small cafe and souvenir shop is located inside the building, where you alight from the Cable car. It was here that I bought a rather lovely Swiss watch, one that had a leather band with edelweiss and the Swiss emblem embroidered on it. And no surprise: it keeps great time! Well, I confess I also did HAVE to get the mandatory T – Shirt,  to say I had made the 7000 ft Ascent. Possibly my highest ascent to date. (We don’t have too many high mountains in Australia).

On the way down, I pondered why the return journey passes ever so much quicker. Then just a short coach ride took us back to the Astoria hotel in Luzern itself.

The breakfast we had earlier,that day, provided by Hotel Astoria, in the building next door, was nothing to write home about…. ( so much for Swiss cuisine) so we headed straight for the Bakery, opposite Bucherer. And yes, we did collect both THOSE souvenir spoons, on the way. What did I eat…? I could not resist a Berliner donut, deliciously decadent, and so incredibly unhealthy, don’t you agree? Sitting on the shores of beautiful Lake Lucerne, in the glorious sunshine, temperature an almost perfect 6 degrees. The moment so fabulous, I decided to text my work colleagues back home in Australia. Just thought I should share…..did not think afterwards, it was the middle of the night and probably woke some of them up…oops..



If you arrive in Lucerne late on a Thursday night, you will find the shops open til late, but many shops such as Casa grande, which is one of the main souvenir shops do close during the daytime around lunch for 2 hours, so you are warned!!! The Swiss are quite protective of their midday siestas.  As for what to buy  here: it is expensive, but if you stick to locally made goods, (ie. Swiss made), you can snag a good buy.

Souvenirs to buy include: Swiss knifes, Swiss watches, Swiss army knives, ( I bought one for each of my family, with a variety of gadgets suited to their particular needs). I got myself one of the very best kitchen knifes you could possibly get,  at Bucherer.http://www.bucherer.com/ It is fine quality, not hideously expensive, perfectly weighted, and will last forever! I love it. Also a great souvenir. Made a mental note not to forget to declare it to Customs, did not want to tell my husband I would be late home as I had been arrested!

I am repeating something from the previous post, but feel it warrants a seondary mention: You simply must try a Swiss fondue which I had tried the night before

( see previous post) https://forestwoodfolkart.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1452&action=edit&message=1

which more or less constitutes the following recipe:

Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue

Rub a garlic clove around a Fondue pot and heat gently with the following ingredients.

Select a quantity of cheese suited to feed the number of persons dining:

1/2 of which is Emmanthal Cheese, and 1/2 of which is Gruyere cheese

1/2 teaspoon of Cherry Brandy (my absolute favourite spirit. Mind you if I bought it for the purpose of cooking, I can tell you that it would not make it to the pot, but would be drunk by me!)

A quantity of stale brown bread. Dip square into the pot and generously coat with melted cheese.

Tastes so good, and so much it could feed a Swiss Army 😛

Next entry: An afternoon cruise on Lake Luzern (Lucerne)


Part 10 EuroScandi Odyssey – Sightseeing in Lucerne, Switzerland

18 thoughts on “Part 10 EuroScandi Odyssey – Sightseeing in Lucerne, Switzerland

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  2. I had a great time on this mountain. If you look at my blog you can see several scrapbook pages that I made from this experience. We stayed overnight in the hotel and the sunset and sunrise was amazing. Speaking of James Bond, I think one of the movies may have been filmed at the modern hotel at the top.


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  4. Wow this brought clear memories back to me. I visited Lucerne 1976 and have taken some slides which I have changed into photos a few weeks ago. They are not that good because I used an instamatic camera in those days. One has me on it also. I am going to reblog this post and tomorrow I will put my photos also in a post. Thanks a lot for bringing back those good memories.


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