Learning Danish – Basic words

Danish word training.
500 Basic Danish words: How many do you know?
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A very useful article follows the basic vocabulary ( most commonly used words) listed below. Links to fun games to improve your vocabulary are detailed ar the end of this article that I have reblogged here. Great information for anyone wanting to learn Danish. Now I will ponder about how well I know these words and how practise my pronunciation with the audio added here. So much better than TV!!!!
for – for
to – til
so- så
you – dig
have,has – har
I – jeg
on – på
what – hvad
where – hver
Why – hvorfor
who = hvem
home – hjem
School – skole
bus – bus ( pronounced boos)
train – tog
one – en
can – kan
will – vil
want – vil
was – var
here – her
there – der
must – skal
ved – by
but – men
of – af
about – om



“What if instead of tabbing over to the web browser in search of some nugget of gossip or news, or opening up a mindless game such as Angry Birds, we could instead scratch the itch by engaging in a meaningful activity, such as learning a foreign language?”

A man named Harry walks into a café. Eliza Doolittle, who is working in the restaurant as a waitress, greets him in her dire cockney accent, “Ari”. He orders a slice of cake with layers of sponge, cream and forest fruit: a “gateaux”. When Elisa brings over his order, Ari looks at the gateaux, and says “thank you”.

Ari-gatou – you’ve just learned how to say thank you in Japanese through mnemonics: memorisation strategies inspired by the ancient Greeks and endorsed by memory champions as the most effective way to quickly remember large amounts of information.  Memory virtuoso Joshua Foer reports on the…

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