Travel theme: Mountains from Where’s My Backpack

The Travel theme: Mountains Weekly challenge. As I have finished the January Photo challenge, I thought I would join in. Also it is a great opportunity to showcase some of my amateur ( but I love them) photos of mountains. One or two may be reposts, but worthwhile reposts….

This is something quite relaxing when sitting in the peace and quiet gazing at a mountain scene ( preferably with snow atop) especially where the mountain meets the water line.

Here is my contribution: –

Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Lake Tekapo New Zealand, looking towards Mt Cook
Europe 2011second batch 465
Innsbruck, Austria
Europe 2011second batch 426
Innsbruck, Austria
Arts Centre and Lyttleton Gondola
Towards Akaroa and Lyttleton from the Gondola,Christchurch, New Zealand
Lunch with Edmund Hilary at 760 metres at MT Cook /Aoraki
MT Cook /Aoraki,
Amazing Ålesund, Norway
Amazing Ålesund, Norway
Beitostolen, Norway
Beitostolen, Norway

8 thoughts on “Travel theme: Mountains from Where’s My Backpack”

    1. The countries are quite similar in many ways, and I laughed when I saw a posterboard advertising New Zealand in Copenhagen. It said,” Norway? No New Zealand!” Against a backdrop of mountains and fjord!


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