Easter bunnies, not Chocolate. Easter Craft Idea

Bunnies Blog pics 003

This is a wonderful idea I found on

Pillows a la Mode’s blog, and the link for the pattern and tutorial is found at Little Fabric Blog

They are so quick to make up, you will have a heap of ears in a jiffy.

Just cut, (using some of your remnants or fabric scraps if you can) sew, stuff, and finish with a bow. No messy turning inside and out, just use your pinking shears to stop the fray “disease”.

Here are my finished scraps which are destined for a Easter bunny activity for the children’s playgroup I help to facilitate.

How many will you make? I know, you can’t resist them, or will you simply ponder about how much fun they will be for the kids to play with?????

Blog pics 004 Blog pics 005


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