Recycle an Ikea Cushion

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A quick up-cycling project

One old Ikea cushion was getting a bit tatty and needed some TLC and renovation. Using some pretty quiliting fabric and co-ordinating remnant, I made 2 smaller cushions that look new and trendy!

Blog pics 028I only had to add some extra stuffing. and Voila….

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The larger one I take in the car as a lumbar support.

The smaller one,  measuring around  30 x 15 cm so is nice for my daughter to snuggle up with, at night, as she is past the point where having a teddy in bed with you, is cool.

Do you have some remnants and an old cushion that could do with a facelift. In less than the time it takes to ponder this question, you could have a few extra cushions to co-ordinate the home furnishings.

4 thoughts on “Recycle an Ikea Cushion”

  1. I think the pillows on store shelves are deliberately ugly to stimulate us artists.

    I love making designer pillows to match my rooms. FYI: infinitely cheaper than buying batting and fillers is buying some cheapo bed pillows in the linens department, getting all freaky with a seam ripper, and then liberating all that wonderful spongy fluff for your own projects. I executed that very maneuver to create a monstrous faux fur body pillow out of six bed pillows–so big it can double as a guest bed in front of the fireplace–and then turned the leftover white cover fabric from the original pillows into light-blocking curtain backers for some gorgeous purple velvet curtains I had made years before. The mass of thread I seam ripped went outside into the garden for birds to find during the nest making season. Not a thing wasted; feels so good.


    1. Oh we so need more like minded people to do as you did. Do you have a tutorial or picture of the body pillow? I’d love to see it. Such a great idea to buy the ugly last chance clearance type cushions with an ugly cover as a cheap way to buy batting. Impressive use of the cotton thread, too. I have at one time contemplated using some excess thread from the sewing machine, (you know the end you cut off for when you finish a seam) for some small mending projects or sewing on a button, but have way too much for the amount of mending I do. Now it will go in my garden/compost bin, thanks to your inspiring comment. 🙂


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