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Travel Diary – Two days in Tin Can Bay, Australia

Tin Can Bay – Few people know of it, and for some that is just the way they like it. Less than 2000 call this sleepy fishing village, located in a deep, but narrow. sheltered inlet, home. The origin of the name is a derivative of the Aboriginal work Tuncanbar, which meant the dugongs frequently found here in years past.  But there is one thing that makes this place very special, and that is why we have come to visit.

A leisurely 2 hour 15 minute drive will bring you to the township, which you could easily cover on foot or by bike. This is worth noting because you will want to travel to the tip of the township: Norman Point and the public boat ramp at Snapper Creek. For it is here, you can befriend and experience wild dolphins at close quarters.  To meet the dolphins, you will want to be up early and at “Barnacles” ( adjacent to the public boat ramp) by 7am. Dolphin feeding takes place at 8am every morning, but the more intimate experience of swiming and playing with the dolphins starts from 7am. We did not want to be late, so we opted to stay over the night before at the luxurious Marine Villas, Emperor Parade, Tin Can Bay. The views over the moored boats and yachts, from the Villa’s verandah, really activated my relaxation gene!  1 and 2 bedroom villas are available to rent, air conditioned, free wi fi, gated community, not that you need it here, and a restuarant and pool on site.



As much as I wanted to just sit on the verandah, glass of grenache in hand, and contemplate my navel or the fab view in the distance, my family wanted to explore the other pursuit the town is famous for…. fishing.

Armed with an inexpensive tackle box, and bait (which you can hire or buy locally), we took to the beach at Norman Point. Low tide was now in full swing, so the fish weren’t biting. Only the soldier crabs were keen to put on a show.  A delightful afternoon nevertheless. Great beach for kids to play safely without fear of getting dumped by a rogue wave.

Norman point at low tide
Norman point at low tide

Serene, peaceful, cool and calming would be the words that came to my mind.  If you want surf, waves, noise, commercialism, you can find that to, but you have to go to nearby Rainbow Beach for that. As the sun was setting, we drove the long, arduous, 2 minute car journey to the other end of town, our dinner destination: the TCB Country club, where you can play bowls, golf or indulge in darts, I believe!

Bistro Hot Tip: Try the “hot rock” dinner, in either Chicken, lamb or Pork option. Served on a sizzling platter, the par cooked meat will complete cooking at your table, and there will be no potential for a cold meal. I had the lamb (reasonably priced) and one piece was enough for me. It was at least 2 inches thick!

Hot Rock Dinner

Country Club Bistro
Kids meals come with a free drink at the Country Club Bistro

The Club closes up early, but that suited us perfectly as we were planning to be at the Boat ramp to meet the Dolphins at 7am…. best hit the sack…

Dejligt …. what a way to finish off the day. I did get my glass of grenache, after all.

To be continued….




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