Learning Danish – Improving Vocabulary – “passe”


 passe: verb, to nurse,  take care of (passe på), look after, attend, fit well, suit.

Common uses:Danish Immigration to the New Worlds - Bronx, Danish settlements in USA

1.  passe sin lillesøster – look after one’s sister

2. passe can also mean “fits well” or “convenient.” Skoene passer godt – the shoes fit well

3. passe mit arbejde – attend to one’s work


Other examples phrases:

4. passe tiden – mind ( or keep a check on) the time

5. Det passer mig fint – It suits me fine

6. Pas på – Be careful. Look out!

7. passe sammen med – Det passe sammen med blå – It goes well with blue (that colour)

8. passe en op – waylay somebody

Setninger ( Sentences) Examples:

1. Jeg kan ikke gå i biografen fordi jeg skal passe min lillesøster

2. Skoene passer godt – The shoes fit well ( are a good fit )

3. Jeg gider ikke være syg – jeg skal jo passe mit arbejde! – I do not want to be sick – I gotta do my job!

This week’s word ‘ passer mig fint!’ Ponder its wide and various meaning if you want to improve your dansk!

10 thoughts on “Learning Danish – Improving Vocabulary – “passe””

    1. I hope you mean Funny as in ‘amusing’, not funny as in ‘strange’. If they are at all strange, please correct them as needed. I would not want to post something that is incorrect.


        1. Oh no, there is no need to apologize. I very much appreciate your comment. I just had a slight bit of anxiety there, for a minute! And it is totally ok to correct me, if need be. It helps me to learn. After all, I am only a beginner trying to “taler dansk”. Thanks for dropping by here at Forestwoodfolkart.


    1. Interesting. I guess the similarity might stem from Afrikaans coming from the Dutch language, that has roots in the old Germanic languages, of which Danish is a branch. I wonder what other words are similar?


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