T-Shirt Remodel: A Tutorial

Why did I throw away all those large t-shirts…. My daughter could have had quite a few of these…

Diary of a Mad Crafter

There have been SO many t-shirt remodels on Pinterest, that I thought I’d give one a try my own way. I found the most gorgeousss colored shirt at A.C. Moore today (for less than $4!) and I knew that this would be The Shirt. I got an extra large so I could make a dress (I’m short, so it works for me, if you’re tall, you would make a long shirt, or add a layer to the edge of the shirt to make a dress). If you have some knowledge of sewing, this is pretty easy, I finished it in less than 2 hours!

Here is my remodel! (Don’t you just LOVE that colorrr!?) (If you like this t-shirt remodel, check out my other ones!!)

So, I started by putting my shirt on inside out, and marked with some chalk where my shoulders actually start (they sure don’t…

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2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Remodel: A Tutorial”

  1. My son has a large collection of T shirts. he told me recently that he would like to me to make a quilt out of the designs on the front or back! I still have to work the practicalities out, but am sure that this will be a treasured piece for him! And hard work for mom!


    1. I have seen quilts made out of T-shirts. Mainly the squares comprised the printed design section of the T-shirt. You might find some hints on pinterest or your blog reader. Would love to see the finished product.


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