Kålruletter – a forgotten spring classic

And another menu item… done!


Summer is on its way and the season in Norway is celebrated with a bit lighter, traditional pre-summer dinners.   Cabbage is in season in Norway from May through the end of June, and has always been an important vegetable for Norwegians. Hearty and able to tolerate a variety of temperatures, many people grow it in their backyards.  What better way to utilize this vegetable than by whipping up some kålruletter? An old classic, this consists of ground pork that is spooned into blanched cabbage leaves and sauteed (or steamed) in a pan.   Perhaps this is Norway’s answer to spring rolls?


I would venture to say that kålruletter,  a simple (although somewhat time consuming to make) but flavorful and not to mention healthy, dish – is rarely prepared in Norwegian homes anymore. What a pity! But as you know, the goal of this blog is to bring back old classics…

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