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Proverbial Thursday – Proverbs from around the world


Wise words from our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. Best savoured a little a time.

They may sound trite, the authors are anonymous, and wisdom is surely found within their concise words.


Even though I am surely not the author, I will share one of my own proverbs today, one that makes a great caption for my photo above:

Some days you are the pigeon, some days you are the statue.

Today I am the pigeon, or skua ( in photo above) but tomorrow I might just as easily be the statue. Life is unpredicatable and dynamic!

Proverbial sayings from years of wisdom or wisdom of the years, encapsulated in the following words.

On obesity and hard work:

Eating while seated makes one of large size; eating while standing makes one strong.

Hindu Proverb

and one that I have heard used in the media of late:

Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

Chinese Proverb

That is overwhelmingly an important thing for us all to ponder about from time to time.

4 thoughts on “Proverbial Thursday – Proverbs from around the world”

  1. There’s so much truth in so many of these proverbs. Love the one about the pigeon and statue! Depicting life so well when all that we know can change in the blink of an eyelid!


  2. Chinese proverb: everything is hard before it is easy. Or something like that. So many thanks for your support. It comes in a time I so need it. And, from looking at your blog I am humbled that you think mine is worthy. warm thoughts – Carmen Aida


    1. Oh – I so like that Chinese proverb. So true about learning new tasks! And so encouraging for those that give up a little too easily. I am glad that I can be a support to you. Of course, your blog is worthy. Everyone and every blog has a right to be here! Thanks for your lovely comment and visiting me here!


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