Proverbial Thursday – Wise words from days past

Proverbs provide us with wise words hitherto uttered  by generally anonymous people, but succinctly and at times eloquently uttered.

The first saying is attributed to Norwegian Gustav Vigeland has written on an undated drawing that “He who is once bitten by love’s snake, never heal”IMG_8863

and there are several sculptures in the Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo that effectively portray this emotion.

The next two authors are completely anonymous, but thought provoking, nonetheless.

  1. Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.
    French Proverb
  2. Every path has its puddle.
    English Proverb

Something to ponder over today.

2 thoughts on “Proverbial Thursday – Wise words from days past”

    1. Oh Thanks, They are from a few different places. I have some of them on my website and some from the net and some in my head. I feel they can say a thousand things in just a few words.


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