Travel theme: Sculpture

Sculpture is the word from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack for this week’s travel theme.

Are you joining in?

Here is my contributions:Image

The above photo is a sculpture in Christchurch, New Zealand honouring those that died in the 9/11 disaster at the World Trade Centre in America. Little did I know that 2 weeks after taking this photo, they were to have their own disaster in the form of a devastating earthquake in an otherwise relatively earthquake free zone. But, it is New Zealand, and this is a risk.


Wig Hansen’s Men of the Sea Sculptures, over 9 metres tall, no appendages! Watching out over the ocean on the West Coast of Denmark, at Esbjerg.


But the piece de resistance has to be from Vigeland Sculpture Park in Majorstuen, Oslo

IMG_8804 IMG_8807 IMG_8810 IMG_8798


Joining in? Surely you must. Ponder about it, then click here for more details.


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Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to my heart, even though I am Australian. I have Scandinavian, Frisian and Prussian/Silesian ancestry and for that reason, I feel a connection with that part of the world. I am an avid Nordic Crime fiction reader, and enjoy photography, writing and a variety of cooking and crafts, and traditional decorative art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, I have a strong environmental bent.
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  1. I love the Men of the Sea (absent appendages not withstanding).


  2. Such interesting sculptures in this world! Here is mine (a living, breathing sculpture):


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