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A note on bullying

Bullying is a terrible thing that leaves permanent scars. Oftentimes, the bully never realise or might not even intend to damage the person so destructively. The following words I think sum up a good attitude to have when faced with dealing with bullies and harrassment.
Humans are the only creatures on this planet that can choose to change their life situation at any moment. A shark can’t one day decide to be a chef. An ant can’t decide it wants to be a dancer. Their lives are built into their DNA.

You, on the other hand, can change if you want to. Oftentimes the only problem is that the fear of change is holding you back. Excuses keep piling up. You only remember the times you failed, and this memory scares you off from trying again. You feel hopelessly stuck in life.

What you need to realize is that life isn’t meant to be a straight line that goes from point A to point B. Life is meant to be a series of zigs and zags. It should look like a mess, but a beautiful mess. It shows that you have changed throughout the course of your life. You’ve had your ups and downs. You went down one path, but decided to change course… perhaps on many occasions.

That’s how life should be. Life is a continuous experience of independent present moments and choices. So whatever situation you are in right now, just know that it can change if you want it to.

It’s up to you. You just have to choose something new.

3 thoughts on “A note on bullying”

  1. I love your zig zig description of life. That is so true.

    My daughter is dealing with bullies right now. Normally, that wouldn’t be so bad, but she is also dealing with other issues at the moment–her grandfather’s dementia, a break-up, normal teen issues/hormones, and more. Just everything all at once. It’s a tough time, but one she will surely learn a lot from. I’ll be sure to share this post with her.



    1. The following information helped me in my darkest hour.
      When you feel like giving up, ask yourself, “Can I take anymore?”

      The honest answer is almost always, “Yes.” And once your mind realizes it can, it usually does.

      One of the unique things about the human mind is that it can do only what it thinks it can do. The minute you say, “I don’t have the energy anymore” or “I’m can’t do that,” you are actually training your brain to live up to your diminished expectations.

      Low expectations mean low results. So watch how you speak to yourself. And when you reach that point of struggle in your mind where most people would give in and give up, do the opposite and give it another shot.

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  2. My goodness you both have a lot of your plate right now. As difficult as it is, these experiences will build your strength in facing adversity. When you think you have just about reached the end of your tether, and can take no more, you actually can. Your zig zag journey is not over. And when someone has hurt you, and makes you feel angry,it’s hard to be peaceful. But you do it anyway because you know peace is the only battle worth waging. Good luck! You are strong!


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