DIY Photography Tutorial – Aperture

It’sOverflowing has great tutorials on using a (now highly complex) DSLR camera and I definitely need some further explanations of all the extra settings. I can take a pretty good photo with my trusty auto digital Canon Power shot, but really don’t know how to use the complex setting on the DSLR…. so I started out with a lesson on Aperture.

Here are the results:

Taken with Nikon DSLR

with fstop-18:


and again in the below photographs:

(a) Low aperture ( f-number)Background is slightly blurred

lemons photography

(b) High Aperture ( f-number)Background is more in focus

The difference between low and high f stops did not seem to make as much difference in some photos, especially landscape, but one can see that because the shutter and aperture is open for longer, more light hits the lens. However, this photo was taken with an auto Digital camera, as a comparison.

Landscape with Nikon DSLR:

Some more photographic lessons to ponder about.

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