Travel theme: Motion

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has picked a great theme for this week, as I have been playing with motion and shutter speed on my camera. (See previous post)


However, as this is a Travel theme, I have to post a travel photo, and here is a couple from my travels within Europe. Daughter, likes to jump and pose for the camera….

Rothenburg wall
Jumping in the leaves, Rothenburg, Germany

Just caught the seagull in the corner of the photo below: (and what a backdrop!)

Zurich - Switzerland
Zurich – Switzerland
, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Great Ocean Road, Victoria

I have looked and looked for a photo I had taken of a  Norwegian Hallingdal Folk dancer who defies gravity…. kicking a hat high held about 6 feet up in the air, but I cannot find it. I will update it here if I ever find the photo again. In the meantime, some nice deliberate motion blur shots. Hope you like them, as I am left to ponder which folder I have put that photo in, on my pc….

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