How Successful Are You?

You are on own journey. But do you measure how successful you are, by you own definitions? Or everyone else’s?

When you make comparisons, against your friends, family and others, you are bound to feel disappointed, so decide instead to create your own, different measures of success.


What does success mean to me?

Have you ever honestly asked yourself this question?  Or have you simply adopted your priorities from everyone around you?

Are you crystal clear on what success means for you?

Here are a six ways you could measure success:

  • Are you a Fortune 500 CEO, or in line to become one?
  • Have you won any political campaigns?
  • Have you won any international athletic competitions?  Do you hold any world records?
  • Have you won a Grammy Award?  A Nobel Prize?
  • Do people turn their heads when they see your car?
  • Does your smartphone contacts database have more than 10 celebrities in it?

Here are a six other ways you could measure success:

  • Have you dropped everything to help a friend in need?
  • Did you do any favors today for complete strangers?
  • Have you recently listened to someone else’s story without talking about yourself?
  • Have you spoken up against friends, family and authority figures that were in the wrong by their words or actions?  Even when it was hard to do so?
  • Have you kept silent when you knew you were right, knowing that an argument would be useless?
  • Have you been patient, compassionate, and gentle toward those who have wronged you?  Define yourself, by your own terms. Ponder these wise words from Marc and Angel.Image

2 thoughts on “How Successful Are You?”

  1. It took me FOREVER to measure my life and its success (and failures) according to my own way of thinking. Weird too, because I never thought of myself as being heavily influenced by outside sources. I think society’s mores and values enter our psyches without us even realizing it; unless we actively take stock of our personal beliefs we are very likely to accept groupthink and never truly know why we act the way we do!


    1. The media, and even family and friends all inadvertantly mould our view on the world. Many are focused on a life of accumulating more and more material objects/assets, so it is difficult to break away from this, to a more fulfilling, life in a different sense, (but more difficult to gauge quantitatively). I am so glad you no longer compare your life using other’s criteria. Did you have a moment where this crystallized for you, or was it more a gradual change in your thinking?


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