DIY Diaper Bag/Changing Station

It would take effort but I think it is a great bag. Very natty!

Diary of a Mad Crafter

Okay…here it is…the most awesome diaper bag/changing station ever. Looking around on Pinterest, I got ideas from a bunch of bags that I came across to make my perfect bag. It took me a few times to perfect it, and a lot of cursing and screaming at both the bag and my sewing machine trial and error, but I love this bag!! I’m going to start by warning you….there’s A LOTTTTT to make this bag, so before cutting, pinning and sewing, make sure that you look at all the pictures and read the directions very carefully!!! If you find anything confusing, PLEASE ask! I’d much rather clear something up, than have someone waste fabric or give up trying to make it! Also….don’t be crazy like me and try to do it in one day…your back will hurt, your brain will hurt, and you’ll be a miserable, miserable lady. Try cutting…

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