Learning Danish – Useful expressions for Beginners

Here are some basic expressions  and responses you might hear when you first encouter Danes. Something to ponder about if you are visiting Denmark

Tak skal du har – Thank you – when receiving something such as change in a shop after a purchase. (Literally: Thanks shall you have) and the response might be: Selv tak ( likewise or thanks to you also)

De er nu oprettet som kunde – You are now set up as a customer  (notification on an email or Den gamle By, Denmark website)

Jeg kommer sådan til at savne dig – I (am going to) miss you (literally: I will come such to miss you)

Det er virkelig pænt af dig – It is very nice of you

Glæder mig at ser dem. – Looking forward to seeing them.

jeg sætter pris på gaven- I appreciate the gift.

Du skal hvile dig – you need to rest.

Men ligesom dig, har jeg mine pligter – But like you, I have my duties

Og dig ligeså, forstår du det? – And you as well, do you understand that?

for more comparisons with swedish…see here (only in danish and swedish)