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New Ebook Scandinavian Mystery – Book Review

I have previously been a beta tester for an author who lives in Denmark, and writes in English, I would like to spread the work about one of her books, which I have read, which is now on Kindle, downloadable for free.DorteHummelshoy Jakobsen

This novel is set in Denmark and Sweden and paints a portrait of a two families at different historical time frames.  I personally loved the descriptions of life in the early twentieth century Sweden and could easily imagine a visual translation of the words, thanks to Dorte’s descriptive writing.

The tale has some dark overtones, but can be insightful for anyone who is interested in social history or family history especially from Scandinavia. Crime novels from Scandinavia are often more detailed about the characters and the personal struggles than the intrigue, and I think that could be said for one of the protagonists in this novel as well.

I absolutely loved the way she included hymns or songs in Swedish, throughout the diary entries of Swedish Anna, and would also use Danish words here and there, and included a glossary to aid translation. This really added a layer of authenticity to the writing.

I am happy to recommend her book.

Amazon’s precis:

This is the story of a young Danish woman, whose life is in a rut. Anna Storm is unemployed, her father is seriously ill, and her best friend and neighbour receives mysterious threats. Anna is a very ordinary antihero, so even when her friend dies unexpectedly, she keeps burying her head in the sand.

Then she finds her Swedish grandmother’s old notesbooks, however. Anna is spellbound by the beautiful drawings and the sweet story of her grandmother’s everyday life. Finally, she has found a worthy project to engage in. As she reads her grandmother’s family chronicles, it dawns on her that the books are not suitable for children at all, but that the sinister story which is hidden between the lines may give Anna a much needed push. Anna wakes up – but is it too late?

For readers of {Dorte’s}Knavesborough series: please note that this book is not a cosy mystery, and I do not recommend it for children.

(The knavesborough series are light hearted detective stories, set in England)

The difference between the Anna Marklin story and the previous Knavesborough, is a sign of the author’s versatility and depth as a writer. Something to ponder about.


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