International Scone Week – Yoghurt Scones

Apparently it is International Scone week, at least according to The Complete Cook Book. I will add a link to my recipe here. Might go and have a scone and ponder the political situation….

The Complete Book

Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and a few of her blogging buddies started this wonderful celebration a couple of years ago.  To quote Celia:

“Did you know that it’s International Scone Week?

It’s not surprising if you didn’t, given that JoannaHeidi and I made it up a couple of years ago.  We found ourselves in a flurry of serendipitous scone baking, and had so much fun that we thought it would be lovely to repeat itannually.

So the second week of August became Scone Week, declared to be International since we were all baking and blogging from different continents, and this year the lovely Joanna has decided that it needs to last for a fortnight (two weeks).”

So there you have it.  Even though I am still convinced Lemonade (Sprite) Scones are the best, below is my recipe for Yoghurt Scones.  You…

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