Learning Dansk – Extending your Danish Vocabulary for Beginners

This week I have the assistance of Mariane, over at the blog: Far Away  as a volunteer native Danish speaker, whose has provided some meticulous explanations and examples of this week’s words.

All credit goes to her for this week’s examples. Her input and guidance is deeply appreciated.  I have learnt an abundance from Mariane already, and I hope any others attempting to learn Dansk, will, as well. I hope Mariane, will comment regularly in my Danish post.

To those of you, like me, who are pondering about trying to keep up learning Danish in a non-danish environment, it is sometimes a struggle. This week’s words relate to business:


 at indløse – verb; cash or redeem (eg:  a cheque) ( at = to)Copenhagen

indløsning :  is the situation when you do this action

indløsninger : Plural of  indløsning as a verb

en indløst check –  a situation that has been done ie past tense

en (one)  indløsning – indløsningen

to (two) indløsninger – indløsningerne

Endings are always different – for one it is EN (but not always), and depending of the word, sometimes it is ET! It pays to learn the appropriate ending when you learn the word.

indløsning – indløsningen – indløsningerne –

Ind = in = løsning is a word in Danish that have many meanings.

In this example:

at indløse en check – means as written,  redeem a cheque.

And, if you like to have cash, then you will say:

Jeg vil gerne indløse denne check og have kontanter istedet for


at veksle –  verb; change, exchange  (at = to )

To kvinder udveksler sladder Two women are trading gossip – in this example you suddenly have another word but it has the same meaning.

The word veksle can refer to money or other things:

Vi veksler vores korn til grøntsag. We exchange grain for vegetables.

Vi udveksler meninger  – We exchange opinions.

Hvor mange penge skal du veksle. How much money shall you change?

Jeg vil veksle checken til kontanter.  I will exchange the check at the cashier.

It often depends on what you are doing before and again how old you are, and where you live.

Jeg veksler lige et par ord med chefen – I am just talking with the boss or the same meaning – Jeg udveksler et par ord med chefen.

The first example could also mean that I AM going to talk with the boss.

When you have done it:- – Jeg har vekslet et par ord med chefen

When it just has happened:- Jeg har lige vekslet et par ord med chefen.

And our final example:

To lande veksler deres produkter – Two countries are trading their products and again UDVEKSLER could be the correct word to use here.. UD = Out
Mostly it will concerns money to use the Veksle but as you see above it also used in other situations.

You will find Mariane’s at one of her blogs, Far Away:

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