Learning Danish for Beginners

Mariane, over at Far Away blogs, has again kindly helped me with a few words in Danish and their explanations to add to my beginner dansk vocabulary.

Den gamle By, DenmarkWords for this week:
foretrækker, rygte,

1. foretrækker – prefer – this word is two words  but it is not a real Danish word!

At foretrække-  to prefer;

foretrækker – prefers;

har foretrukket – have preferred:

Using the word veksle from last week’s post: we can make this sentence:-
Jeg foretrækker kontanter i stedet for en check, kan du veksle denne?

I prefer cash, can you exchange this? (a cheque)

Sometimes you use more words in Danish to show what you mean.


2.  rygte – rumour, as in reputation.

However, rygte is not the same as reputation in Danish.

Rygter is rumours but reputation is Omdømme

To use the same two words in one sense would be like this:

Der gik rygter om at fynboens omdømme var lidt tyndslidt.

There were rumors that native guy from Fyn’s reputation was a bit tarnished.

Den unge fynbo blev sendt af sted til Liverpool på grund af sit omdømme og for i øvrigt også til andre klubber

The young native from Fyn has been sent to Liverpool and other clubs besides, [based] on his reputation.


Some dansk to ponder about today.

Everyone is important. What do you have to say?

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