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Proverbial Thursday – Proverbs (and Quotes) from around the World

Each Thursday I post a proverb or a poignant quote or saying.

Mostly they are anonymous words, uttered by persons in ages past, and sometimes so full of wisdom, they almost jump off the screen at you. ( a slight exaggeration, but use your imagination!)

Much can be learned from these few words.

One of my favourites from Scandinavia is:


‘The hand that gives gathers’ –





‘Challenge doesn’t build character, it reveals it.’



Something to ponder about today.

12 thoughts on “Proverbial Thursday – Proverbs (and Quotes) from around the World”

  1. I love this feature that you do! Just got free Internet at Arlanda! Just what I need before the flight!


          1. Ok,for now… But it doesn’t take long usually before you are ‘back in it’!

            Preparing for the Camino now. Oh to be free!


            1. I think I know what you mean. Humans adapt to conformity a little too quickly! How long do you anticipate it will take you to walk the Camino, or is that a question that as yet does not have an answer?


              1. A leisurely walk stretched over two months. Just a lovely extension of the nomadic lifestyle of yours. Sounds blissful. I am looking for someone to go walking myself, but in Scandinavia or the Swiss/Austrian alps next summer.


              2. Sooty for the delay, Amanda. I’ve been off line for a while now. Yes… I’m getting excited now! If your up in the north of the Gulf of Bothnia next summer then who knows we may meet up! Whatever happens, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience. I don’t need to tell a Scandinavian about ticks though! Be careful!


              3. No worries, Poppy, I now that you are busy preparing for the journey ahead. Ticks? Did not know about ticks! Mosquitoes, I knew were a problem in summer, but we have ticks here, so I know what to look for. I may well in North of Sweden, then, as I have good friends in Skellefteaa, that I would love to catch up with, again! It is to be, it will happen!


              4. You can get a vaccine for the ticks before you arrive… I didn’t find the mosssies too bad but I was out on the fringes of the islands.

                Stay in touch and let me know what happens.


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