Learning Danish for Beginners – desuden

Mariane from Far Away Blogs have again formulated this post in my Learning Danish series. I appreciate her continuing wisdom and advice.

A frequently used word in English and Danish:

desuden – besides, moreover, in addition, furthermore. (Adverb)

Pronounced with a soft, almost silent ‘d’Tivoli

It is used in several ways:

Synonyms:  derudover   desforuden   ovenikøbet 


Tykke asparges er de fineste og desuden de letteste at skrælle.

Thick asparagus is the finest and besides [that], easiest to peel.


Var bange for, at ingen ville tro mig, og desuden, hvad kom det dem ved.

[I] was afraid that  none would believe me and moreover, that was not their business

I was afraid that no-one would believe me and moreover, it was not their business.
Desuden de plader, vi selv ville eje, måtte vi købe for surt sammensparede lommepenge, og så måtte de i øvrigt kun afspilles bag lukkede døre 

Besides, our very own LPs,  which we buy [with] hard-saved pocket money, had also to be played behind closed doors.

Besides buying our own LP’s with hard earned pocket money, we had to play them in secret.


Synonyms forresten    (By the way, and moreover or furthermore)


Desuden, Jeg glemte for øvrigt at sige tak for husly.

By the way, I forgot to say thank you for the shelter.*

*Husly is not really a Shelter because it is used in the following way: –

Do you have any place to stay for the night? – Husly is actually a temporary place used as a home.

In English, it might translate to: Furthermore, thanks for letting me stay, or ‘having me over’


Definitely a word someone trying to learn Danish might ponder about.

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