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Amazing Mailboxes around the world

Madoqua of “Have you ever” blog started a challenge to find unusual mailboxes from around the world, as the need for mailboxes seems to be fading fast. A number of people have found some quite amazing samples and posted them on Madoqua’s blog.

Scrapydo posted some on her blog and led me to discover this challenge, so I thought I would find contribute too. Click here to see the original post that started it all.

In my neighbourhood, there is one that is like a Norwegian ‘hytte’ (or cabin in the mountains) It even has a turf roof. The fence, however, jolts you back into suburban Australia…..


and one in Denmark:


The following photo was posted by a friend on facebook:



A unique kind of decoration. Something to ponder about.

Amazing mailbox contributions:

7 thoughts on “Amazing Mailboxes around the world”

  1. What terrific mailboxes, so pleased we could add them to our collection!
    Anyone else who knows of any unusual or creative mailboxes, please feel free to participate in this fun venture!


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