Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1

Happy Hugger has a new challenge. All you need to do is to create a post with pictures of your pets and link back here. You can post pictures of your pets or even your friends and families pets, or you can post pictures of animals that you have photographed such as wild life pictures. Birds in your garden, anything to do with animals will be perfect.


_DSC0113 (2)

I have started Michelle’s challenge with my pet Schnauzer, Tiffany. She thinks she is human, and is a wonderful pet, that came to us from a Pet Rescue service, having been stressed, anorexic, and a declared barking nuisance, she has now blossomed into the most wonderful dog. A Swedish exchange student took the second photo with her dressed up for a school project, ironically to show how pets can be demeaned through wearing human clothes. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind being the photo subject.
Should pets be dressed up? Something to ponder about in the pet community.


20 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1”

    1. Yes, I kind of guessed Schnauzies might be a favourite of yours. 😛 They truly are so loyal and affectionate, a special pet. Might I be so bold as to say, that once you have had a Schnauzer, you would not have any other breed!


      1. I totally agree. I love to look at and read about other breeds to keep up to date. Still my Schnauzer stays the “best”. We always had more mongrels when still at home. Then I bred Alaskan Malemute’s which I love as a big breed. I must also say the working dogs are also the best ones.


  1. Absolutely adorable Amanda! Tiffany is gorgeous! I am so glad she found you. 😀
    PS: I think Pets could be dressed up for photo shoots but I don’t think they enjoy walking around like models all day long in clothes they don’t like. I know I wouldn’t. 🙂


    1. I agree!Tiff did not seem to mind being dressed up initially, and she has been dressed up as various things at times when my daughter was young: Hippie, fairy etc. So I guess she is pretty tolerant, but after a while, I am sure she tires of it. A fur coat is really enough. However, she does like her winter coat on when it gets chilly and actually comes and asks me to put it on, in winter, especially after her fur has been clipped. 🙂


      1. Same here. Simba doesn’t mind me dressing him up for photo shoots and he likes his coats I make for him for winter times as it can get quite chilly. He is just like Tiff. He comes and tells me it’s time to dress warm. 😆


          1. I think they are smarter because they know they shouldn’t start talking. The minute they do that they will have to go and work for a salary. LOL!


            1. Yes, I see what you mean. The irony is I used to work with the disabled community and the thing they wished for the most was to able to work, either volunteer or paid, it did not matter. They just wanted to know that they belonged, and were important enough to contribute in some way. Sad but true. Our pets contribute through unconditional love and affection, and promoting out wellbeing. That is their job, I think.


            2. Absolutely and they are doing a great job for sure and no money can buy their love and affection. 😀


  2. I wouldn’t mind dressing a pet smartly 😉 and sometimes it helps to endears my dog to passer-bys who may otherwise thing she is a fierce gaurd dog that will bite. I’m glad Tiffany has found a good home 🙂


    1. She is very much loved. We are so glad she found us. And it certainly does attract a lot of attention to her, even when she is not wearing a costume. Everyone seems fascinated with her beard and cute expression!


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