Reusable Fabric Bags

Have you got your green bag yet? Something to ponder about.

Grow Sew Happy

Last summer when we chose to stop using as much one-use-plastic, I made about twenty fabric reusable bags, and ten produce bags out of muslin. A cat that we adopted peed on half of them, before permanently running away. Wild little man. And so I find myself needing to make more. Instead of buying muslin again, I’m using random fabric that my mother kindly mailed me.

After trying a few, here are my favorite free patterns for this project:
Produce Bag: Daisy Jane
Shopping Bag: Morsbags (click on “Make One)”

The photo below is of three bags I started last year, and finally had a moment to finish this weekend. Note how the bottoms are sewn to sit flat, and also the handles are reinforced with a box shape of stitching, I believe instructions for both are in the main instructions above.

This weekend I also had time to make…

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