A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Arch

I recently posted one of my favourite pictures of the arch from the Great Ocean Road, so if you want to see that stunning rock formation, click here.

However, there are a few others that I also like that from my album that spring to mind when one says “arch”including this photo of a crazy tourist in the arched limestone ‘Grotto’ off the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. As the treacherous and often dangerous Southern ocean is directly behind the man, he was very lucky a freak wave did not appear and sweep him out to sea. It was a risky act, but he did make it back ok.


And some others:

Fat Margaret Tower, TalliinIMG_0977 DSC01393-1Europe 2011second batch 129Europe 2011second batch 581 Europe 2011second batch 525


A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Arch

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