Welcome to my Norwegian Cabin

I personally loved the down time in my friend’s Norwegian Hytte, but it was at Beitostølen, a slightly more civilised ski resort. But it would not have worried me where it was. I am a city girl, so for me, it was an adventure, getting your water from the spring in the forest, tramping through the snow, my own private ski run outside the door, more snow than you could poke a stick at, a glorious view down the valley, and the sounds of almost nothing, except the fire crackling. Ah! Bliss. If Norwegians are crazy, then I can’t wait for the madness to start!

Thyra Dane

The Ylvis brothers (yes, the ones making us all wonder what the fox says) just uploaded another video, this time about the Norwegian phenomenon called “hytte”. It made me realize that I had to write about the craziness that Norwegians surround themselves with when it comes to their life in the cabins.

Sweden and Denmark

Now, Swedes and Danes have cabins too. In Denmark they are usually situated close to the beach and called “sommerhus” (summer house). If you look at a map, you`ll understand why. Denmark is small and has a lot of coast line due to all the islands. These summer houses are usually close to one another and leave you with very little privacy – as I said, Denmark is small.

Swedes also have a lot of cabins along their coast line and on small islands but, like the Norwegians, they also have cabins in the mountains…

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