NN at Bloody Scotland: Some notes on the Arne Dahl session

Arne Dahl speaks about his books and writing

Nordic Noir

The auditorium was filled with a lively buzz of expectation which was not disappointed.   Guttridge’s skilful interviewing produced a session to remember, and Dahl wooed the audience by expressing a love of Scotland and mention of a whisky trip.

Discussing the first book he wrote, he talked about how he came to choose to write about a serial killer, using an American in the role.  He explained how the how changes in Swedish culture have moved towards an Americanisation of the country.

He reflected on how an isolated country with certain well respected social values, and an effective welfare state, changed to the country with the fastest growing gulf between rich and poor.   Sweden had imagined itself to be a little apart from the rest.  (To the outside, indeed, it did seem at times that they were the moral conscience of the world.)

The assassination of the Swedish PM was…

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