Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World Are We?

Where in the World are We? Do you know?

(my apologies for the poor quality of the photo)

Each Monday, I post a new mystery photo from a location around the world. Can you correctly identify the location? No reverse imaging!

Last week, we were at Haukadalur, in Iceland, correctly identified by cyndipachinophotography, where you will find not only the fabulous Gullfoss waterfall, but around thirty  geysirs and hot pools, including one called Litli Geysir (‘Little Geysir’), Great Geysir (which erupts only infrequently since earthquake activity changed its frequency, and Strokkur, often mislabelled as Great Geysir).

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Iceland, you should take it with open arms. It is an extraordinary place with mind-blowing sights, which can give you some idea of the earth’s immense geological power, and our complete insignificance. For me, the Icelanders have always, and probably will always, manage to live on the very edge of possible human civilisation, which is such a credit to their strength, resilience and ingenuity.

Geysir geiser

Something for the rest of the world to ponder about.


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