Seven From Scandinavia

Childrens’ reads – Scandinavian themes



During this last 2012-2013 school year, my boys and I read a significant number of books.  Most of them were excellent.  I am thankful that some of them were responsible for turning S on to reading for the sheer pleasure of it.  Unwittingly, we read several books with Scandinavian settings.  Were we subconsiously drawn to the frigid northern climes once we slid down the steep mountains with Norwegian youth, or was this collection pure coincidence?  I am not sure, but here are a few fantastic reads if you wish to visit Norway or Denmark, if only through children’s literature.

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan – It is not often we happen upon a book that is equally celebrated by A and S both.  A wants to stick strictly to realistic or historical fiction; S needs adventure.  This book fits both criteria.  Snow Treasure details the true story of how…

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