DVD Review: The Protectors – Season Two

4 thoughts on “DVD Review: The Protectors – Season Two”

  1. Loved both seasons of this excellent drama. I watched it on Netflix and I believe it’s also available on Hulu, too!
    When comparing this show to others in the genre, it seems closer to The Eagle than any of The Killing” series or Arne Dahl.


    1. I can’t actually remember whether I have seen this second season, or just the first. But I really loved the way the show portrays social dilemmas throughout the modern world, and the ptsd etc. I am not familiar with Arne Dahl? Now it is your turn to teach me about a book/tv show. Wish we could get netflix here in Australia……


  2. I really think you’d enjoy the Arne Dahl books and tv episodes, although the latter are very hard to track down. The best resource I’ve found for their TV/video distribution is located at this very well maintained website: You can also find links to each book and info on the author’s appearances too!
    After you read (or see) one of the books, let me know how you liked it!


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