Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World Are We?


Where would we find this quaint cottage? Something we could ponder about this fine summer day.

Last week we were back in Sweden, on the Bohuslan coast, at a favourite city of mine: Stromstad, 

with the famous city hall in overly bright light at the end of the street  is the Town Hall. Built by an early 20th century philantropist, the building was constructed around certain measurements and dates to the all important donor, Adolf Fritiof Cavalli-Holmgren.

The Town Hall is a memorial to his parents and has been designed around these dates. The numbers included in the dates have come to shape the entire building. As an example, the number of windows and doors on the first floor are thought to make the birth date of his father = 27. The Large Session Hall (Father’s Hall) is 7 metres high, 7 metres wide and 13 metres long, when added up this makes 27. Mother’s Hall is 7 metres + 7 metres + 5th month = 14 May. And so it goes on. There is probably still a lot to discover. (source:


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