Summertime Joy: The Guilty Tuna Salad

Healthy lunch coming up?


   I’m taking a German class this semester. Today’s lecture was full of food pictures that made me feel like I’m in Italy. Macaroni, pizza, and all of the Italian well-known food pictures were spread all over the board. It was awkward because we’re taking a German class. Nevertheless, all of the pasta pictures brought me back to my summertime memories.

    Most of you know that the typical Tuna Salad is a healthy salad. I actually created two Tuna Salad recipes that fit for people who are on a diet and for pasta lovers. This recipe goes for the pasta lovers. Brace yourselves, because you’re about to meet a summertime joy; the tuna pasta salad. It’s a salad suitable for the hot weather in August that brings you joy instead of sweat.

   Pasta is the ideal companion for other nutritious food that are essential to a healthy diet…

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