Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World are We?

Where in the world, are we today? It was a dark and gloomy afternoon in winter. Do you recognize this place?

Last week I featured the incredible statues, “Men at the Sea” found in Esbjerg, Denmark. Ledrakenoir correctly identified these as Hansen’s 30 foot tall concrete sculptures. They do have a Soviet presence about them, as Princessdeloso suggested, but I also wonder if the artist was inspired by Easter island’s monolithic structures which stand guard over the coastline? Here are a few more pics to show the scale of these “men.” Something to ponder about.

Men and the Sea

DSC01144 DSC01147Men by the Sea

Last week’s statues were called:

Men At Sea – Esbjerg, Denmark

The Men at Sea is a 9 metre (30 feet) tall white monument of four seated males, located west of Esbjerg next to Sædding Beach on the southwest coast of Denmark. It is located opposite the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, is one of the area’s major tourist attractions, and is a famous landmark of Esbjerg.

The sculpture was designed by Svend Wiig Hansen and installed on 28th October 1995.[1] It was funded by the municipality of Esbjerg, the Kunstfond (an art fund), and private sponsors, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the municipality in 1994.

The artist’s original idea for the location of the sculpture was Grenen, north of Skagen.

The monument can be seen from ships leaving or entering Esbjerg harbour.
Their sheer scale is something one can’t help pondering about.


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  1. Mélanie says:

    I love Denmark and all Scandinavian countries, too… my favourite ones are Norway and Iceland, been twice to both and I do hope to return asap… especially to UNIQUE Iceland! 🙂


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