Seven Types of Christmas Cookies: Day Three


Despite the German sounding name, “Berlinerkranser” (Berlin Wreaths) is as Norwegian as lutefisk and Jarlsberg cheese – and an important part of our cookie collection during the holidays.  Why the reference to Berlin? It is believed that a lot of Scandinavian baking traditions came from German immigrants and their bakeries/ recipes. The Germans were considered masters at their craft and hence their baked goods became integrated into the Norwegian (and Swedish and Danish) food repertoire.  Reversely, many Scandinavians went to Germany to learn the trade there.   Regardless of  the actual facts, there is definitely a connection between Germany and Scandinavia! I was able to trace back recipes for Berlinerkranser as far as 1903 for these cookies – so it’s safe to say they’ve had a relatively long history in Norway.

berlinerkransertineImage from

Berlinerkranser is  considered as one of the “seven” in the traditional cookie round up for…

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