Seven Types of Cookies for Christmas: Day Two

I am definitely making these when I get back home


This is admittedly one of my absolute favorite cookies during the Christmas holiday; although not in the classic seven, I bet if you ask any  family today in Norway you will get an acknowledgement and approving nod when mentioning “Brune Pinner”.   These have been in families’ baking repertoire for quite some time in our country and are always a hit among the young and old. Chewy, crispy and moist all in one with a heavenly buttery taste with vanilla and cinnamon and a nice textural crunch from the chopped almonds they are topped with, this is a perfect accompaniment to your afternoon coffee. The name translates to something un-sexy like “Brown Pins” (one article named it the best Christmas cookies with the most boring name), but believe me, once you taste these, you will be hooked!  Challenge yourself to have only one of these – it’s near impossible!

The below…

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