Seven Types of Cookies for Christmas: Day Four

More delicious Xmas food ideas


Today turned into the perfect day to bake.  A mix of sleet and rain had developed overnight here in the Hudson Valley and it was freezing outside this morning when I took my dogs out for their first outing.  We quickly ran back inside after the usual (yet unusually wet and short) walk,  where I was met with the warmth of the kitchen and the smell of freshly brewed coffee… My mind instantly went to day #4!!

Havreflarn, or “oatmeal wafers” are cookies that tastes just like candy. Super thin, crispy and almost caramelized cookies with an incredible texture and flavor that explodes in your mouth – these are laughingly easy to make, yet would impress even the most difficult to please guest.  These are cookies I associate with being “typical Norwegian” for Christmas and I always look forward to making these and offering them to my guests around the…

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