More Danish Christmas Hygge. This Time: Gnomes

There are quite a few Nisser around my house at this time of year. They are so cute. I am a bit of a collector

Our House in Aarhus

This is one Danish Christmas tradition that I am fully on board with, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

The Danes love gnomes, or as they call them nisser. The traditional gnome looks just like you would expect (kind of like a garden gnome), with a pointy red hat and a big bushy beard. But if you Google “nisse” you get all kinds of different types, some young some old. Here are some typical versions of nisser:

(Frankly, they remind me of The World of David the Gnome, this TV show I used to love love love as a kid, which interestingly enough was originally a Spanish animated show based on a book by a Dutch author. I was such a multicultural child.)

So, the origins of the Danish nisse.

The gnome figure really comes from Scandinavian mythology in general, and Sweden, Norway, and…

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