Seven Types of Cookies for Christmas: Day Five

Day 5 of Xmas cookies continues


Every time I see “kransekakestenger” on a cookie plate, my mouth instantly starts to water.  These soft, chewy and flavor packed concoctions contain only three ingredients but taste so heavenly it’s easy to believe these take all day to bake, when quite the opposite is true.

I am sure most of my readers who are familiar with Norwegian cakes have heard of the “kransekake” – an impressive tower of “circles” of cake made out of ground almonds, confectioners sugar and egg whites and decorated with Norwegian flags and bon bons.   You can read more about it and get the recipe in my previous blog post here. Here’s a photo of one my mother made for my niece’s confirmation earlier this year:

kransekake4Norwegians have taken the contents of this cake and turned them into “stick” like cookies, hence the name ‘kransekakestenger’.    Much easier to prepare, and you still get…

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