Sunday Stills, the next Challenge: Holiday Lights and Decorations

It may not be a Sunday for a Sunday still, but nevertheless, it is Holiday decorations! Whilst touring New Zealand, I was invited to Diane’s house in Wellington, which, I have to say, was like walking into a Department’s store,Christmas display, albeit without price tags. She LOVES Christmas decorating and had no less than 15 trees in her house. It was beautifully done, and tasteful, but bordered just a tad on the obsessive! But what a nice obsession! Dianne collects a gold coin donation from those who visit and the money raised is solely for charity. So it’s all for a good cause.


Some of her trees were stunning. In the bottom left you will see seasonal trees: (L-R)  Autumn,Winter and Spring !

Dianne makes all her own bows and revels in each year’s display. Repressed window dresser, perhaps? Here is some of Diane’s decorations:

Diane’s Christmas decoartions

Bit different from those found in Germany and Denmark

Tivoli in Denmark at Christmas time
German xmas decorations
Rothenburg decorations for sale in Germany

Few houses in New Zealand are decorated at night with lights, it is nothing like the efforts of Americans, or even how it is catching on, like wildfire in Australia. But that’s ok…. The other major difference is in New Zealand , one had to pay to see these light’s display, that residents have put up in their yards. Not sure if the money was for charity or not… so I found one nearby that wasn’t using Christmas as a method of increasing coinage….

One of the few Xmas lights displays seen in Wellington, New Zealand:

New Zealand 2013 219
Wellington Christmas lights displays

For many years, we used to walk around viewing the Christmas lights displays in the suburbs where the whole street would decorate. But lately, it does not have the same appeal. A sign perhaps, or my age, my energy levels and the age of my children?

Something I ponder about is how far has the Christmas light phenomenon has reached around the world?

Frankfurt Romer Christmas tree