Riskrem: A classic Norwegian Christmas dessert

In this recipe, they cook the rice in water first. I have never done that, but mine is never as nice as the traditional one prepared by a Dane. So I am going to try it this way, this time.
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I am sure as children, and even adults, we have all been guilty of  quickly and dutifully finishing our dinner in anticipation of  dessert.  Whenever my mom declared we would have riskrem for dessert,  this was usually the time I didn’t care what the main course was once I learned what would follow.  Riskrem was a special treat, and which remains one of my favorite desserts to date, that I knew would come the day after my mom served “risengrynsgrøt” for dinner.  In typical Norwegian fashion,  every bit of food that was made from the days before were utilized and created into future meals.

Norwegian tradition through generations has been that on the day or night before Christmas Eve (also called “lillejulaften” or “Little Christmas Eve”),  families would make risengrynsgrøt for dinner, and a bowl was also placed outside by the barn for Santa Claus to enjoy before he went…

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