Travel Theme – Winter

When the mercury screams it’s between 5 below and 10 degrees above celsius, I am a happy person, fully of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. When the temperature passes 26 degrees, the sun is shining, and humidity is high, I can be known to morph into a cranky sloth who lacks motivation to do anything remotely physical. Trapped as I am living in a subtropical climate, I escape by travelling to the cool climates and snowy realms of the world, as often as I can. For it is there, I feel most alive.

Skellefteaa winter

I almost missed this challenge, from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack. And as winter is my absolute favourite time of the year, whether I be in the northern or southern hemisphere, I had to post a photo/s and brief story. These pictures are from one of my winter escapes. (ie: escape to winter, not from winter)


IMG_8810stigs konditori, Skellefteaa IMG_7378 










Are there other winter lovers out there? Something I’ll ponder about.

2 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Winter”

  1. Hi Amanda! It looks like it was a bit snowier in Skellefteå when you were there! Luckily I avoided the heavy snow by getting it when I was further north (near Jokkmokk) trying to see the northern lights instead! It definitely adds some atmosphere to the shots though. Man do I wish I could go back to Lapland for a little while after sweltering through last weekend!


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