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Cee’s Which Way Challenge No.16

 Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Radhuset, København, Danmark

This photo was taken inside the Town Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a beautiful example of the romantic architecture of public buildings from 1888. The 107 metres high tower is equipped with a carillon that chimes its familiar tune all over the capital every day.

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 Up the stairs or turn left….

Something to ponder about.

5 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Challenge No.16”

  1. Today’s architecture doesn’t ,measure up to the bulidings of old! I mean, seriously!!! look at the beauty of that tiled arch and the carved stonework around the doorway in your second shot. so stunning!
    I hope you’re enjoying this holiday week!


    1. I am enjoying my holiday week, Karen! Thanks so much! And you are so right, I really admire the workmanship in the woodcarving and the detail in the radhus. One doesn’t see buildings made like this, especially not Town halls, anymore. Modern minimalist trends just don’t have the same WOW factor! Did you have a nice Christmas celebration?


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