Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Ron Mueck ExhibitionRon Mueck held an exhibition here some years back, and his sculptures fascinated many people who had never been to an art exhibition before.

To me, this sculpture is the obvious choice for the weekly challenge. It exemplifies one in every sense. Yet there are layers here. For example: the link ‘one’ has to loneliness.

Europe 2011second batch 059

Different point of views gives a different emotion to the photograph. These photos make me a bit dizzy. More info on point of view is found here.

shot tower melbourne

Then there is always special effects:

Lastly, my daughter’s pic. She has an eye for photography I think. She was not even 8 when she took this one.

Not my pic, but I wish it was....

One is something to ponder about this week. Find more here.

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